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Although our principles and goals are near and dear to our hearts, we recognize that each and every one of them may be unattainable even in a nation of Western Canada because they depend on the will of the people. 

Rather than argue over these particulars now, we must first realize one thing clearly: 

None of these goals, or anything else, is attainable unless we first get the power to decide in our own nation. First and foremost, we must have the power to decide! Everything else is only possible if we succeed in that goal. Everything else depends on our ability to persuade the people thereafter that our other goals and principles are right, good and beneficial.

Everything depends on Independence. Free the West, then let us as free Western Canadian citizens, decide the rest!
1. Independence for the West

We believe a new nation of Western Canada with a new political system, is economically politically and socially necessary. Without independence for the west, the cultural and economic disintegration of Canada is inevitable. The west must be defined by Western Canadians, for Western Canadians. 

How is this possible?

We would seek to win a mandate to separate by referendum in each province and territory of Western Canada. Our goal is one nation of the area of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, the Northwest Territories and the Yukon, with one official language, one government, with equal rights of citizenship for all inhabitants and special privileges for none. 

2. Language

Since the common language in the West is English, the official language should be English. All other languages should be equally encouraged as second languages, to be pursued at private expense, but not for official use in any way. 

3. Life

From conception to natural death, human life should be regarded as sacred and treated with respect. The unborn and mothers should be protected from dangers of an economic, social or emotional nature. Society owes it to mother, the unborn and its own future well-being, to provide all necessary support and protection to human life. The unnatural deliberate termination of human life is criminal unless in defense of life itself. We would enact laws to reflect these principles and protect the value and dignity of human life as it is we believe divinely created. 

4. Property

The private ownership of property is an essential element of human dignity and personality. This does not necessarily extend to corporate monopoly or cartel but does include the individual ownership of earned productive capacity. The state must protect the right to private property to ensure the productive creative instincts of the individual in harmony with society. 

5. Culture

We believe in development and protection of a genuine national culture true to our existing European heritage and values. Multiculturalism has meant in the end cultural ghettoization, conflict and no culture at all. We can look to the history of our own Native American brothers and see the dangers of unrestricted immigration. To foster tolerance and understanding, unity of culture is essential. Capacity to voluntarily assimilate is a prerequisite to all new immigration. This is essential to avoid cultural and racial conflict. 

6. Parliament

The duplication of federal and provincial jurisdiction in the west is a costly measure which is currently used to divide and conquer the west. This occurs socially by provincialism and economically by high taxes due to bureaucratic duplication and overlap. We believe in spreading the power over Western Canada through a regionally elected senate while balancing this with representation by population in the elected lower house. This means the Prime Minister could sit in either or both houses and choose a cabinet from either. Laws would need majority support in both houses. 

This would mean, for example, one department of justice in Western Canada not 4 provincial and one federal department with double bureaucracy today. If we have a fair share of political power we don't need to be protected from government by its bureaucratic inefficiency. 

7. Defense

We believe in a period of compulsory public service to be accomplished by training in search and rescue, reforestation, forest fire fighting and other essential public works organized by government. 

The defense of Western Canada militarily with the help of volunteers after such service would be the result of that training. We believe the economic strength of the west on its own resources would provide ample funds for all necessary defense expenditures. Those dollars would be spent in our own defense industries located where the funds come from to provide jobs in the west. Combined with the patriotism which results when people choose their own government and enjoy less tax burden, the defense of Western Canada (in one language) would be assured. The problem of bilingualism in the armed forces would be solved. 

8. The Economy

Western Canada has always been drained by the east. With 27% of Canada's population we produce 52% of Canada's fishery, forestry, mining and agriculture and 80% of Canada's petroleum and natural gas. These resources have been taxed heavily, upon export, to the benefit of Ontario and Quebec, where 80% of Canada's manufacturing is located. The population of Ontario and Quebec have majority control of the House of Commons and so control spending which returns more revenue, jobs and control to Ontario and Quebec. This vicious economic cycle, robbing the west to feed the east, will never be broken without political independence for the west. 

With independence, the resources, purchasing power and control of our economy returns to the land of Western Canada. We begin to control our own monetary, fiscal and economic policy. We trade more freely with the Pacific Rim countries and negotiate all arrangements to our advantage, not to Ontario and Quebec's. No more will equalization payments subsidize Quebec while they burden us with their language. The economy of the west would save billions of Western Canadian dollars if we set our own interest rates (low) and our dollar would be strong as our exports were valued around the world. 

9. Immigration

Many people think that we are responsible for poverty in the third world. Although we owe a duty to try to assist where we can, poverty in the third world is not our responsibility. We did not create it and we cannot solve the problems of the third world by importing them in the form of immigration. Our responsibility is to care for and nurture the land entrusted to us and to use wisely the fruits of our endeavors to provide well for future generations. Immigration can result in Western Canada becoming just as crowded as the third world. Immigration policies need to reflect the wishes of Western Canadians, which today in Canada, are ignored. 

10. Fiscal and Monetary policy

We believe government which creates money has no need or right to borrow it from anyone, but should create the credit as currency and loans from the central bank based on the real value of goods and services produced and thereby there should be no national or municipal debt. The result would be a more debt-free economy and far greater stability. The artificial federal reserve and central bank policy of the United States give ultimate control to private financial interest and not the country as a whole through its government. 

11. United Nations and Internationalism

We believe in freedom and non-interference in the national affairs of other countries. We do not believe the United Nations constitutes a real hope of world peace but of world government and ultimately international socialism which will eventually destroy private property and freedom. We believe that nations should function on the basis of mutual respect and enlightened self-interest. Western Canada will not be heavily involved in foreign aid. We will not be funding Marxist dictatorships or be involved in anything other than trade to the mutual advantage of ourselves and other nations. 

12. Freedom

Basically our view is that freedom means freedom from government. The Canadian view of government no matter what party is in power, involves more and more interventions in people's lives. We believe that freedom will be best enshrined by removing the power of government to legislate in certain areas and hence we would not be involved in human rights tribunals, language commissioners and other forms of state moralizing. 

We would maintain the traditional fundamental freedom of speech, thought, belief and opinion. But all legislation over what people in voluntary associations of individuals choose to say, think, write short of actual advocacy of violence would be abolished. Freedom would be restored to the individual and groups' powers to impose their views would be reduced. Magna Carta, the Bill of Rights, and Charter of Rights would apply except to the extent limited by these principles. The state has the right to ensure safety of its citizens from actual physical harm or the real and present danger of it. 

13. The Armed Forces

The armed forces would be constituted by permanent volunteers and a large contingent of peace-time public servants doing requisite public service for two years. The function of the military in peace-time would be to maintain reforestations, search and rescue, forest-fire fighting and development of irrigation systems and maintenance of public services in some areas. These public servants would receive both food, lodging, education and monetary remuneration for their services and would receive credit for the national service for pension purposes or tax purposes. Volunteers would receive promotion on merit in the permanent forces. The latter would receive adequate equipment made in Western Canada and function in one language. Women would not fill combat roles. 

14. Education

A public school system would be provided with taxes paying for it. Teachers would be entrusted with curriculum guides of specific content and universal proficiency testing would apply. Home schooling or private education would be encouraged to reduce the tax burden of education, and to encourage the creativity of Western Canadians. 

15. Health Care

Universal access to medical facilities would be maintained with the stipulation that health care could not exceed a certain percentage of the annual budget. Salaries and fees likewise could not exceed a proportion of the health care budget. More debt-free money in Western Canada would be available due to the termination of the fiscal drain of Ottawa to the east and the debt-free money system which reduces substantially the cost of government as well as the cost of living. Health care is presently becoming a luxury. It would be an affordable necessity in Western Canada. A bankrupt Canada which presently exists cannot continue the present levels of health care. 

16. Pensions

Today, Ottawa is paying all pensions out of a rapidly diminishing general revenue derived from taxes. Large portions of the yearly budget cover interest costs and this proportion is rising to approach 30%. The pensions of today are being paid for with the heavier taxes of tomorrow. The government of Canada is broke. There are no pension reserves and the average pensioner is living on someone else's borrowed money. Western Canadian taxes are presently paying all Western Canadian pensions and many Eastern ones as well, as we give to Ottawa more than we get back for everything, including pensions. 

Western Canada could fund better pensions without debt with our resources of fishery, forestry, mining, agriculture, petroleum, hydroelectric power, not to mention tourism, than Ottawa can ever hope to do. Without equalizing with Ottawa and the east we would have far more money for pensions each year. In brief, in the west your pension is securely funded. In Ottawa, it is paid with more borrowed money. Take your choice. 

17. Indian Land Claims

These can never be settled while Ottawa and the provinces have competing jurisdiction. They will also never be properly settled on a tribal basis. Tribalism is against our view of the nation equal rights for all, special privileges for none. Each native person should be offered reasonable compensation by a Western Canadian government, once and for all. No more reserves, tribal lands, or special rights based on race or status should be created as this inevitably leads to ghettoization, conflict and destruction of individual initiative as well as breaking down the cultural unity of the nation. All natives should be content to become full and equal citizens, no more, no less. 

18. The Environment

We must preserve and protect our environment. This one area is a justifiable interest for the state. All polluters and destroyers of the environment should be subject to restriction by law. The reforestation and preservation of forest is an urgent priority. Large foreign corporate ownership should be broken up and returned to citizens of Western Canada for fair market value to be enjoyed privately and individually. The return to economic viability of the family farm will only be restored by the cancellation of debt which banks have obtained from a servile government in Central Canada. Diversified farming and restoration of farm communities should be a priority. The concentration of population in urban areas should be discouraged by creating attractive opportunities in rural and smaller communities. 

19. The Law

In almost every regard the law should reflect traditional standards of respect for the individual, property and life. The right of referendum, initiative and recall should be constitutionally enshrined to enable citizens on issues of importance to them to bring about peaceful political change by initiating a referendum on any issues where numbers warrant. 

20. What is the Western Canada Concept?

The Western Canada Concept (WCC) is a national political party founded in 1986 by Douglas Christie, who in 1975 initiated the Committee for Western Independence and in 1980 the provincial Western Canada Concept Parties in Alberta, B.C., Saskatchewan and Manitoba. 

Mr. Christie, through these organizations, has stood uncompromisingly for a new nation of Western Canada, through the self-determination in peaceful political action of the west. 

The foregoing principles are advanced to elevate mankind in pursuit of excellence in society, to engender self-respect and creativity, for the good of our people and our nation. 

A message from Douglas Christie

The period from the time of Karl Marx to the present has seen a great struggle between ideological internationalism as expressed by Marx and nationalism as determined by various languages, cultures and nature itself. Up to recently, communism was everywhere ascendant and internationalism was the "wave of the future." 

Recent events however have shown that nationalism is really far stronger than ideology or internationalism. True nationalism is founded upon the cultural unity of a group, usually defined by language or love of certain values, in a geographical area. Nationalism is breaking out all over, even in the Soviet Union itself. Nationalism has been suppressed there only by the totalitarian terror of the one-party state, supported as usual by the state's media of communication. This is rapidly collapsing with the economic failure of large internationalist models. Nationalism is becoming the wave of the future. 

Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Georgia, Poland, Yugoslavia and especially Hungary are demonstrating the abiding strength and natural vitality of the ethnic nationalist cause. It is no wonder that internationalists both communist and socialist (the latter in the west) see ethnic unity as the real enemy of their ideological goals. 

That is why, in countries like Canada, the internationalists always support the concept of multiculturalism, bilingualism and massive third world immigration. They generally favour any policy which will break down and weaken the ethnic unity of a country. They see the power of the state increased by every form of ethnic conflict and disunity. Those are the fuel of communism and socialism 

Afghanistan (which may have for a time broken the thrust of internationalist imperialism) demonstrated clearly the power of any nation bound by bonds of language, culture and religion in stubborn resistance to an ideological enemy. The same bonds at least of language, divided the Russians and the Hungarians and contributed to the uprising of 1956 and the uprising of March 15, 1989 (the latter a peaceful one.) 

What has all this got to do with Western Canada and our cause? Canada is not a nation. It is an internationalist, socialist experiment in multi-culturalism, bilingualism and mind-control. It is indoctrinating our youth for the new world order and the one world government which will plunder, pollute and destroy our land and make cultureless slaves of us all. This goal of one world government, the ultimate dictatorship of the proletariat is failing in communist countries. At the same time, the experiment is being tried on us in the west by fanatical internationalists and socialists. 
Western Canadian nationalism is the wave of the future and we must preserve our cultural and ethnic unity. We must even regenerate it, to elevate our people to self-respect and the enjoyment and preservation of our land and culture. Until we acquire a sense of our identity, and learn to truly love our land and private property, we will remain prime victims for the plunder of the internationalist forces who see our land and resources merely as a means of prolonging socialist incompetence with further cheap supplies. 

Western Canada (until recently predominantly of one culture) is basically a European Christian culture, has about 7 million people who speak one language and a land mass larger than Europe itself. Its resources are enormous and it has been and is being plundered to support the socialist enterprise of power politics in Ottawa which feeds Quebec and Ontario with cheap western resources while pandering to their every political desire linguistic, cultural or economic. 

Western Canadians have a continuing opportunity to resist, unite and throw off the socialistic robbery of Ottawa by every legal means. The right to self-determination was recognized for Quebec in the referendum in that province. Naturally they chose the warm security of controlling the country while bleeding it white. 

We seek, therefore, to unite Western Canada in a realization of our value and potential for nationhood. We seek to build a united, strong and independent nation of Western Canada with one official language and one fair and equal national government. This goal must be presented and advocated by everyone who shares it, but first it must be understood. We therefore ask every member to order 100 copies of this brochure and distribute it to as many people and households as possible. 

No change within Canada will ever occur to the benefit of the west. All conciliation is futile from our position of electoral weakness in Ottawa. The necessary change of Western Canadian independence will only occur when we unite and work to achieve it. Stand up Western Canada!  

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