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Who He Is

  •  He has practised law in Victoria for 38 years, specializing in free speech and individual rights cases across Canada

  •  He is the founder of the Western Canada Concept (1980) and the Western Block Party (2002)

  •  He has been President of the Saanich Water Polo School for 10 years

  •  He is a long-time local taxpayer and advocate for tax reduction

Where He Stands

  • On Sewage

I oppose the sewage treatment plants ordered by the BC government. Nature already provides us with an effective, inexpensive and environmentally beneficial treatment system. Campbell’s plan will cost billions and result in much higher taxation and even bankruptcy. The Regional Health Officer opposes the plan. Yet the Campbell government has ordered us to comply. A plebiscite should be held before such massive expenditure is committed. 

  • On Justice

The Basi-Virk-Collins case drags on with official complicity. The sale to BC Rail is a serious moral failure by the Campbell government. There are serious problems with the administration of justice in BC. The Robert Dziekanski and Ian Bush deaths are two further symptoms of a general malaise.

  • On Confederation

Our federal system of government punishes BC with unsuitable immigration, an unpatriotic foreign policy, crippling taxation and wasteful spending. Referendums should be held to determine whether the West should secede from Canada, and BC should lead the way. 

Support Doug Christie for Saanich South MLA on May 12
Call 250-888-3410 or 250-385-1022
See Doug's videos at YouTube.com


Here's a one-page brochure you can print out and distribute and/or email to your friends and have them do the same. 


Click here to hear Western Canada Concept leader Doug Christie interviewed by Nathan Clarke. 


Back when Stephen Harper was President of the National Citizens Coalition, he had this to say about free speech:

Human rights commissions, as they are evolving, are an attack on our fundamental freedoms and the basic existence of a democratic society. It is in fact totalitarianism. I find this is very scary stuff.

Now that he is in a position to do something about it, Harper is singing a different tune:

Q: Will the government amend the Canadian Human Rights Act to prevent unwarranted interferences in free expression by human rights commissions?

A: The government has no plans to do so. We’re certainly aware of the issue. My understanding—we’ve been monitoring this closely—I think you’ll actually see there’s been some modification of behaviour on the part of the Canadian human rights commissions. The most egregious cases right now are mostly at the provincial level. And it is a very tricky issue of public policy because obviously, as we’ve seen, some of these powers can be abused. But they do exist for valid reasons, which is obviously to prevent public airwaves from being used to disseminate hate against vulnerable members of our society. That’s a valid objective. It’s probably the case that we haven’t got the balance right, but I’m not sure the government today has any answer on what an appropriate balance would be.

What's changed between then and now? Then, Harper was the leader of an organization based in Calgary; now, he is the leader of an organization based in Ottawa. It's as simple as that. Harper has many failings, but he knows how to count; BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Alberta together have only 92 seats in the House of Commons, while Quebec and Ontario together have 181. 

Our Central Canadian elite has decided that only repression can keep our Tower of Babel from crashing to earth. Here in the West, we can huff and puff till we're blue in the face, but it's all wasted breath if the East decides otherwise.

Plan B? The West tried that before. It was called the Reform Party, and it was 15 years of wasted breath. The real Plan B is Western Independence, which is the only plan that will return to us our God-given right of free speech.

Real Canadians, as defined by our Eastern masters

January 13, 2009


The foundational strategy of the Western Block Party is to secure for Western Canadians a referendum for Independence.

After Western Canada is independent, our policies will be decided on a regular basis by thorough, free, public debate followed by citizen-initiated referenda on all major issues.

Parties and corrupt politicians who place their vote at the disposal of the highest bidder will be a thing of the past as people become actively involved in the political process.

Until then, however, attempts to divide the movement with fractious debate over post-Independence arguments will be resisted by the leadership of our party. We do not yet have the power to choose, and we will never have it unless we unite to achieve it.

Douglas H. Christie, Leader, Western Block Party

December 15, 2008


Our one goal is to achieve Independence for all Western Canada after referenda in each of the four Western provinces.

We seek to establish a new nation with four basic qualities:

1. A constitutional right to direct democracyrecall, referendum and initiativeapplicable to all laws and measures.

2. A bicameral (two-house) legislature, with representation by region in the upper house and representation by population (one person, one vote) in the lower house.

3. Two levels of government, national and municipal.

4. A referendum on the constitution after its drafting by a constituent assembly. 

5. An independent judiciary beholden to a constitution based on the principles of liberty and personal responsibility.

December 10, 2008


The resources of Western Canada taxed at source are sufficient to provide for all necessary health, education, pension and social benefits to Western Canadians without a personal income tax. Instead, we donate billions to Ottawa to to bribe the voters of Quebec, Ontario and the Atlantic Provinces.

The Western economy can pay all necessary pensions with greatly reduced pensions so long as we can control immigration to our tax haven. No federal party can speak against immigration for fear of the ethnic vote, which demands an open door policy. 

Independence is the only option that will protect both our economy and our culture. How long can you wait and watch the plunder of our homeland?

Douglas H. Christie
Leader, Western Block Party

December 9, 2008


The October/November/December issue of the Western Separatist has just been published, and you can find it online here.

December 9, 2008


Canada is really four countries: the West, Ontario, Quebec and the Atlantic provinces. No matter who leads any federal party, Parliament will always be dysfunctional. Only with smaller countries united in a common interest can democratic government function properly. Western Canada should be such a nation.

December 8, 2008


Harper: He's had his say; now it's our turn

For a brief moment, it looked as if the vast majority of Western Canadians were awakening to how the Canadian system really works. With the Conservative Party winning 77% of all seats in Western Canada, two Quebeckers and one Torontonian could control the House of Commons. So he pressured the Governor General into proroguing Parliament to win time to “influence” the Coalition and keep his job. Harper wants the West to go back to sleep. He doesn’t want us to ponder the truth that even if he remains Prime Minister, Canada will still be ruled by Quebec and Ontario. Why do we put up with this? Now, Stephen Harper may benefit thereby, but what do we gain by continuing to subsidize their oil and their natural gas and prop up their failing auto industry? How long can we ignore the obvious? How long are you going to allow this costly farce to continue? Free the West!

Douglas H. Christie,
Leader, Western Canada Concept

December 5, 2008


Our friend Kevin Michael Grace has allowed us to reprint his October 16 VDARE article "Canada's National Question: The Answer Is No," which not only predicted the current constitutional turmoil but also demonstrates that, ultimately, it matters not who prevails.

Parliament Hill: Twilight For Canada

Tuesday’s results suggest a sure-fire winner in a Most Boring Headline contest: "Little Change In Canadian Election." But the big change in Canadian politics remains gradual yet ineluctable: the emerging answer to Canada’s version of the National Question: whether it can survive as a nation-state, the particular expression of a particular people. Canada as a single polityA mari usque ad mare (from sea to sea) as it says on Canada's coat of armsis doomed. 

Admittedly, its dissolution is taking longer than I predicted in this space two years ago. (In my defence, I hadn’t counted on Quebec’s separatist Parti Québécois choosing an openly homosexual coke-sniffer for its leader. Guess how that worked out.) But now more than ever, Canada is not a nation (with one caveat, of which more later). Neither is it a "community of communities," as former PM Joe Clark once claimed. No, Canada is an ongoing blackmail/bribery scheme, a mere political contrivance, a conglomeration of seven increasingly dissimilar and fractious regionsNewfoundland, the Maritimes (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island), Quebec, Ontario, the Prairies (Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta), British Columbia and the Arctic (Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut).

And if that weren’t enough, our three largest cities, Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal, will soon be majority "visible minority," in a country where over 80% of the population remain members of the barely-tolerated white majority.

Stephen Harper’s Conservative Party was re-elected to another minority government Tuesday. The numbers:

  • Conservatives 143 (of 308 seats, 12 short of a majority), up 19; popular vote 37.6%, up 1.3%

  • Liberals 76, down 23; 26.2%, down 4.0%

  • New Democratic Party 37, up 8; 18.2%, up .8%

  • Bloc Québécois 50 (of 75), down 1; 10.0%, down .5%

  • Green Party 0, same; 6.8%, up 2.3%

  • Independents 2, up 1

Newfoundland (seven seats) dumped its three Conservatives, because Premier Danny Williams demanded it. Williams hates Stephen Harper because he won’t let the province keep all its newfound oil royalties and continue to grab its eternal annual fortune in transfer payments in recognition of its have-not status.

The Maritime Provinces (25 seats), despite their history of selling their seats to the highest bidder, elected a bare plurality of Liberals, and the plunge in the Liberal popular vote presaged a disastrous showing country-wide. Given local jealousies, it is entirely possible Maritimers voted against Williams, who is remarkably arrogant for a man who leads a province where barely half the population (51%) holds a job.

As its leader Gilles Duceppe boasted, the Bloc took a majority of Quebec seats for the sixth straight election. Politically, Quebec (75 seats) has already left Canada. The Liberal Party did not win a single seat in Francophone Quebec, a complete change from the days of Pierre Trudeau, suggesting that the party’s historic raison d’être has disappeared. The Conservatives, however, gained no seats in Quebec, despite Harper’s unprecedented pandering: giving the province (now only 22% of Canada’s population) its own seat in UNESCO, guaranteeing it a permanent duopoly in the agency that regulates the broadcast media, offering it a separate Criminal Code (blatantly unconstitutional) and compelling his party to recognize Quebec as a "nation" in the House of Commons.

Of course, Francophone Quebec is a nation, albeit without a stateit’s the caveat I mentioned earlier. But equally recognizing English Canada as a "nation" would be unthinkable. That would be divisive, even racist. Peter Brimelow declared back in 1986 in The Patriot Game, the real question for English Canada is not whether Quebec should separatebut whether it should be expelled. (Since he wrote, of course, this is exactly what the Czechs did to the Slovaks).

The Conservatives made their largest gains in Ontario, Canada’s most populous province (106 seats). The Liberals were reduced to their ethnic redoubt of Toronto, Ontario’s largest city. My friend Jay Currie has dubbed the Liberals "the Toronto Party". But "the Immigrant Party" is closer to the truth. Between Toronto and Montreal, their other ethnic redoubt, the Liberals garnered 41 (54%) of their total seats.

The Liberals were almost wiped out on the Prairies, taking two of 56 seats. Leader Stéphane Dion’s climate-change "Green Shift" (think Al Gore with carte blanche) succeeded only in shifting Liberal votes everywhere else. And the Liberals did almost as badly in British Columbia (32 seats), taking only five and running behind the Green Party in no fewer than 10.

Dion was the big loser on Tuesday. He is easily the worst Liberal leader of my lifetime. A peevish academic, he manages to be both effete and epicene. His own people despise him, and his obstinate refusal to master Englishdespite spending a year at Brookings in Washingtonmade him an obvious non-starter in English Canada. His party is broke and crippled by internecine feuding.

But Conservative leader Harper was not a big winner. For the third time in a row, he failed to win the majority that seemingly should have been his for the asking. Why not? Well, it’s not simply that he rejects the Sailer Strategy; it’s more that he’s the anti-Sailer candidate. Harper is a Bush clone, an unrepentant neocon whose only known enthusiasms are Israel and American global hegemony. Like Bush, he has worked assiduously to attenuate the Conservative base. His ethnic pandering reached a new low: apologizing (and paying redress for) the Chinese head tax, which ended in 1923; apologizing for turning back a boatload of Sikhs (in 1914!); promising even-higher immigrant levels, even as the proportion of skilled immigrants falls to 17.5% of the total; promising to force the provinces to recognize immigrant medical and other credentials; standing foursquare behind Canada’s totalitarian "hate speech" law. 

Harper’s immigration enthusiasm certainly hurt him in Quebec. Harper’s ethnic capo, junior immigration minister Jason Kenney, condemned the Bloc for sending "dog-whistle messages" to those who "are against the growing ethno-cultural diversity in greater Montreal in particular and Quebec in general." [BQ desperate, Tory minister says Playing to xenophobia, intolerance, by Elizabeth Thompson, Montreal Gazette, September 17, 2008] But the benighted group who responded to the whistles plainly includes the entire French-speaking nation in the province.

But perhaps even embracing the Sailer Strategy in Anglophone Canada wouldn’t have been sufficient. The Canadian "National Question" is peculiarly complex. Kenney’s faux pas reveals the impossibility of the task Harperor any federal party leaderfaces in the confederation of regions that is Canada. He cannot both suck up to immigrants and appeal to a Quebec that is openly rejecting multiculturalism. He cannot stand as the champion of the West while continuing to shovel unearned billions to feed the inexhaustible appetites of the East. He cannot claim to stand for "unity" while insisting that one linguistic group gets to be a "nation," while the other gets to pretend it doesn’t exist.

Canada is a political circle that can’t be squared. The people(s) of Canada are coming to realize it. On Tuesday, voter turnout reached an all-time low of 59%. The reckoning is soon at hand.

December 5, 2008


The Western Separatist Papers, the official newsletter of the WCC since 1983, are now posted here. Inside, you'll find political commentaries from our leader Doug Christie, as well as the facts you'll need to embrace the cause of Western Independence if you haven't already!

December 4, 2008


Michaëlle Jean, our peripatetic Governor General, rushed back to Canada Wednesday to deal with the constitutional crisis fomented by the creation of Stephane Dion's Liberal-Socialist-Sovereigntist coalition. The GG was forced to cut short her trip to Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Slovenia. What's significant about this? Well, the latter three nations did not exist as independent countries 20 years ago. Slovenia left Yugoslavia after a referendum, and Czechoslovakia split after the Velvet Divorce. Before independence, they languished as provinces of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and then as slaves of the Communist Empire. Today, they are free, peaceful and prosperous. So, whenever anyone tells you it's "preposterous" that the four provinces of Western Canada could ever be free, give them a history lesson.

Jean in Prague: Back from the future

December 3, 2008


Western Canada Concept leader Doug Christie was interviewed Monday by Matthew Johnston of the Western Standard. You can read the interview here. And while you're at the site, be sure to check the WS's 2005 poll, which revealed that 36% of Westerners thought we "should begin to explore the idea of forming their own country." We suspect that after the events of the last week, 36% might be a trifle low.

December 3, 2008


The Western Canada Concept and the Western Block Party now have a Facebook page, which you can see here. We're not exactly sure what Facebook is, but we're told it's madly popular among the younger folk. Seriously though, this site gives you the opportunity to connect with other members and to post your thoughts on Western separatism.

December 3, 2008


A rumour swept Ottawa today that possibly dozens of Conservative MPs (overwhelmingly from the West, one supposes) are considering resigning their seats in protest against the Liberal-Socialist-Sovereigntist coalition. This would force by-elections that would presumably demonstrate the depth of Western anger at Stephane Dion becoming Prime Minister. But here's a better idea resign from the Conservative caucus instead and sit as Western Block Party MPs! If you resign and are re-elected, you'll still be Conservatives, still beholden to the electoral power of Quebec and Ontario. You have nothing to lose but your chains!

The Bloc Quebecois was formed out of the depths of Quebecois anger after the defeat of the Meech Lake Accord in 1990. The new party swept Quebec three years later, and today Stephane Dion's would-be coalition could not survive without it. The looming payoffs to Quebec if Dion takes power can only be imagined. There is a tide in the affairs of men / Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune. Come on Tory MPs, it's time to get your feet wet. 

Coalition capos: Two Quebecois and an Ontarian: Quelle surprise!

December 2, 2008


I have had a number of inquiries from a number of people obviously concerned about the political crisis in Ottawa. This, in my opinion, is the logical outcome of a fundamentally flawed system. There is no way to rectify the problems that the Ottawa government has created and it is a waste of time for Western Canadians to continue to pour tax dollars into a corrupt and bankrupt system. Therefore, to those of you who are dismayed or concerned by what is going in Ottawa, I strongly urge you to do the following: 

  1. Join the Western Block Party; 
  1. Gather a group of Westerners who believe that Western Canada as an independent nation is a better option; 
  1. Form a Western Block Constituency Association and hold meetings to discuss what should be done in your area;
  1. Once sufficient numbers appear to exist, see if you can contact us to arrange a meeting in a central location with a number of others in your area, so that we can have a successful public meeting to discuss these matters and I can answer any questions you may have at that time.

If you have any other intervening questions, I would be happy to address them by email.

The worst thing that can happen in this situation is to do nothing. Western Canadians have done nothing for far too long, and merely complaining about the problem does not accomplish the solution. The independence of Western Canada is the only viable political solution to an unbalanced federal system which favours Quebec and Ontario and has consistently plundered Western resources. If you have any doubt about this, ask yourself what happens to the Canadian dollar when the price of oil goes down?

We at the Western Block Party look forward to communicating on a one-to-one basis, but with the volume of material arriving by email, it has been made necessary to draft a standard form answer. This does not mean that I am unaware or have not read the emails you have sent, but they all seem to reflect a common theme: the frustration and confusion of Western Canadians. 

I am one person who has consistently advocated independence for Western Canada since 1974. I am the one person who has consistently explained it in a rational manner and brought it to the attention of Western Canadians through public meetings and discourse. My goal is to make sure that each of you do not allow your frustrations to fall back into apathy as has happened many times. Unique and different perspectives of each Western Canadian as to why we feel the frustrations we do, must surely not allow us to be divided and conquered once again. For once, let us unite in forming the one true alternative in the nation of Western Canada which we all can look upon with pride as an accomplishment of our generation, rather than curse the darkness created by previous generations of incompetent politicians. 

Thank you for your support and attention. Please keep in mind that unless your support manifests itself in some sort of monetary assistance, this exchange of information could amount to nothing but the ventilation of frustration. We cannot allow this moment of understanding to pass without concrete, constructive, lawful, political action. 

Yours for the independence of Western Canada, 
Douglas H. Christie
December 2, 2008


Please click here, then print and photocopy our petition (back and front on one piece of paper to keep it unified). Then get it filled out by 10 of your friends and pass on a blank petition form to each of them for their similar effort. Then mail it to us at

Western Canada Concept
Box 101
255 Menzies Street
Victoria, BC
Western Canada
V8V 2G6

Keep a record a record of the names for future contact and constituency organization.

When we have 100,000 signatures from each province, we will deliver them to the Premiers of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba with the request for referendums. How fast can you do this? Remember that donations to the Western Canada Concept will enable us to expand our efforts and move faster to make the new nation of Western Canada a political reality.

By Douglas H. Christie

The pure venality of the pigs at the trough is hard to take. One gets the same impression of the squealing of the Liberals, NDP and Bloc Quebecois when they see a move to cut their party off from public funds. Party donations should be neither publicly funded, limited or tax deductible. If a few rich people could fund a party, many not so rich could still do better, as did Obama. The regulation of party funding is equivalent to strangulation by bureaucracy for anyone who knows what difficulty party funding regulations create.

So having suffered losses in the last election, the three by linking arms plan to take over the government, which the people in the voting denied them. Out of the darkness (literally and figuratively) comes Ed Broadbent and Jean Chretien both maneuvering for new power. Only in a comic opera would two such macabre figures have a chance. But they do in Canada. They could take over the country.

The elected party “leader” with the largest numbers backs down from a fight with the three cripples for fear the result would be loss of position. He cannot call their bluff because deep down he knows he too is bluffing and he likes his position. It’s really a battle of four cripples—four moral cripples—three against one. The result is survival of the mediocre and the restoration of the status quo. Disaster in the microcosm—the world economic collapse—mirrors disaster in the microcosm, the mad world of Canadian politics. Do you not think Western Canadians could do better?

Referendum, initiative and recall (direct democracy) would reduce the powers of these petty little people who strut and posture in that Gothic museum on the Rideau. It seems obvious their pretend fighting and real tax powers would be meaningless if the people who pay them—the taxpayers—had a routine, regular and constitutional right to stop, control and redirect them. Suddenly democracy would have a real meaning and people would need to become responsible and involved in the process. As things stand, a 35-day public relations campaign, financed by massive public expenditures, helps the people to choose who is the better liar. Their promises mean nothing. (GST anyone?)

But direct democracy is like holy water to a vampire for them. Heavens, how could people decide on complicated legislation like we create? That’s the point—for those that need them, the laws of Canada are like a mystery religion with an arcane language only the priesthood (i.e., the lawyers who wrote them, argue them in court and judge them) can understand. Thus law never resembles justice, and bureaucracy just grows with the tax bills.

The Canadian Constitution fundamentally drawn in 1867 (notwithstanding the window dressing Charter of 1982) still gives all the political power to Quebec and Ontario. It creates a Senate all appointed by the Prime Minister of the day, stacked in favour of Quebec and Ontario. The Prime Minister still appoints all judges, heads of commissions, ambassadors, consultants and a myriad of sinecures. What a paradise of patronage and corruption for the best liar in the country to enjoy.

Naturally, to support this massive hot air balloon we need cohesive ethnic and social groups. They get the same patronage grants and favours as the rest of the country, and in exchange they influence in the “election” of one of their number to run the government. Support the party—collect the cash. They get rewards if their team wins, or they have to plot for better luck next time. In Ottawa, they call this democracy.

And free speech—when we allow it to mean praise of Canada and its “tolerance,” just like the good, old Soviet days. For those who say “ethnic politics is taking over the country”—such people need to be reeducated by “dialogue facilitators” (as at Queen’s University) or maybe prosecuted as “hate” criminals. Naturally, our judges—duly trained in Newspeak—can nuance the words “reasonable limits as are demonstrably justifiable in a free and democratic society” to punish the enemies and reward the friends of the establishment. Their judgments can be monitored, and if that’s not enough the Judicial Institute can reeducate them to reward the compliant and sidetrack the non-compliant. Only the “educated” judges will ever reach the Supreme Court where all the real power lies. “Free speech is never absolute!” Keep driving that home. Pretty soon you can take the “absolute” out of that sentence.

That’s Canada, the comic opera country. But unlike Gilbert and Sullivan, there really isn’t a happy ending. More like a farce with a tragic ending. Of the many noble men and women who tried to make the system work fairly and justice possible, a hostile bureaucracy will squash them like bugs. The taxes required to recycle incompetence will keep the slaves on the treadmill until they drop, wondering what happened to the country they were born in and thought they could leave to their children intact.

Western Separatism presents the only viable option. Each province under the Clarity Act has a legal right to separate with a “clear question” and a “clear majority” in a referendum. Each provincial government can put the question to their people at any time they choose. Our goal is to raise awareness of this option and deliver 100,000 names on a petition for Independence to the premiers of each Western province. We can create a new nation with one government with sovereign authority, a Triple E Senate, where all provinces have equal power and the rights of referendum, initiative and recall to give people the power to decide issues between elections and bind the legislature to their decisions. The opportunities to use modern technology to tap the democratic will are endless and exciting, but Canadians are stuck with 19th-century chicanery.

The federalist replies: Western Separatism, why that’s radical, isn’t it? They would never be able to govern themselves. They need our expertise in the fine art of fraud to keep Canada together, speaking all three official languages. Say it once in English, a different version in French and, just in case, the third version in doubletalk. The media—coast to coast to coast—all agree. If they don’t, we in Ottawa would take away their licences or have our colonials in the provinces do it until they came to their dubious senses (the media that is). Thus Western Separatism, that quaint notion of a new Western Canada, with an elected Senate and citizens power will never emerge as a real option. We in Ottawa can see to that. We will ensure that our supply of Western resource revenues will enable us to bail out dead manufacturers in Ontario. We will distribute cheques to defeat Quebec separatists. Brilliant really. Get back to work and pay your taxes.

The Federalist elite in Canada has always viewed the West as a collection of knuckle-dragging, redneck idiots, good cannon fodder for war, good taxpayers in peace. Federalists have always ensured that their representatives were elected to fill all posts or were appointed to all positions of authority even in Western Canada. We must not say “The West Wants In” anymore. We want out. The petition for a referendum is the means. We will deliver 100,000 signatures from each province to each premier. We will ask you to join us in building a separatist option in Western Canada. The Western Block Party is the only Federally registered separatist party and thus the only party that can issue tax receipts for donations to the separatist cause. We ask for your support in turning our goal into reality and putting Canada’s comic opera to an end—a happy end.

December 1, 2008


Come back soon for more YouTube videos!


The Western Block Party has nominated Patricia O'Brien as its candidate in the BC riding of Saanich-Gulf Islands.


Come back soon for more YouTube videos!


These small but vigorous meetings saw the appearance of many new and encouraging members. I realize that great movements depend on the events of history. But we are ahead of the events that are soon to come. The “Green Shift” will inevitably win support in Ontario and Quebec. Stéphane Dion is well on his way to the return to power the Liberals always make. There is a likely federal election in October or November. Then a Liberal majority is possible, and a Liberal minority is likely. Back to the same old game of Ontario and Quebec calling all the expenditures and raising Western taxes. The National Energy Policy is a new form can and will repeat history. It will all be wrapped up in a green mask.

The new members of the Western Block Party are the wave of the future. History will prove us right. I congratulate you on your brave and free decision to join the Western Block. Together we can change the course of history and build a new nation on a firm and just foundation.

Yours for Independence,
Douglas Christie
Western Block Party


(As the following article from 2001 demonstrates, the Liberal Party has always been keen to stick it to the West. Did somebody say "Green Shift"?)

The West As Spoiled Teenager
Chretien adds insult to injury by saying the region that rejected him needs 'tough love' 
Kevin Michael Grace
The Report
January 21, 2001

If Jean Chretien and western Canada were a couple and had a song, it would be the Crystals' "He Hit Me (And It Felt Like a Kiss)." As that oldie but goodie explains, "He couldn't stand to hear me say/That I'd been with someone new." Western Canadian voters have been with someone new--the Canadian Alliance--and demon lover Chretien knows just what they need: "Cause when he took me in his arms/With all the tenderness there is/He hit me, and he made me feel/Baby won't you stay..." 

Asked during a Global TV interview December 22 why the Liberals had won only 17 seats in the West, Mr. Chretien replied, "You have to realize that when you vote [for] a national government, you vote to deal with the national problems and not always look only from a local perspective but look at it on the national perspective. I used the 'tough love' theory in Quebec and I still have a lot of scars on my political body for that, but I've been persistent and we managed to have 4.5% more in the popular vote." 

Mr. Chretien had hit the West, but it didn't feel like a kiss. The West was thinking about calling the battered spouse hotline. Within the last six months, Mr. Chretien had declared that he did not like working with westerners because they are "different." After all, they supported the Alliance, which Mr. Chretien and Liberal cabinet minister Elinor Caplan had compared to neo-Nazis. 

A parental help Web site explains: "The concept of responsible parental love has been developed by Phyllis and David York in their publication Toughlove: A Self-Help Manual For Parents Troubled By Teen-Age Behavior. It represents a firm, caring solution for families torn apart by completely unacceptable and 'acting-out' behavior...'Tough' love means giving teens clear-cut rules and reasonable limits and expecting them to abide by them." So westerners are the stupefied adolescents of the Canadian family: sulking in their basement, refusing to do chores, mooching off hard-working parents and "acting out" with swastika tattoos. 

Westerners have reacted to macho Mr. Chretien with bemusement. Canada West Foundation president Roger Gibbins comments, "It's a very odd concept to apply to the West. I interpret tough love in Quebec as the tough part being hard on constitutional issues, like the Clarity Act, accompanied by very significant financial infusions, which is the love part. In the West there's no particular cry for special economic benefits and no inclination that the federal government would move in that direction." 

National Citizens' Coalition president Stephen Harper responds, "I think Chretien just doesn't care. You've got to remember that west of Winnipeg the ridings the Liberals hold are dominated by people who are either recent Asian immigrants or recent migrants from eastern Canada: people who live in ghettoes and who are not integrated into western Canadian society." 

It is expected that Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Stephane Dion will reprise the tough love capo role he played to Mr. Chretien's satisfaction in his home province of Quebec, and will begin lecturing the West about federalism's myriad benefits. Mr. Harper argues, "It almost confirms the argument that Ottawa treats western Canada as a foreign country. Now we have an ambassador! Our representative is not somebody from here; it's somebody from there." 

University of Calgary political science professor Thomas Flanagan says, "If Dion actually attempts to do this--coming out here to tell us that we are heavily taxed so that Quebec can get large transfer payments--it will make things worse. But my concern is not so much that we might have to endure some lectures but that if we are moving into a recession, if the government is strapped for money again, they're going to come looking for it in the West." 

International trade agreements rule out another National Energy Program, but there are other ways to gut the western cat. Last year's row between then-Newfoundland premier (now Industry Minister) Brian Tobin and Alberta Premier Ralph Klein revealed that the Atlantic premiers think Alberta insufficiently "sharing." In other words, the net transfer of $3,000 every Alberta man, woman and child pays every year is not enough. Alberta Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Shirley McClellan does not rule out her province's participation in any such talks. "Alberta has always believed in a strong and united Canada, in a federalism that works. We have tried to work hard with Mr. Dion to see that our position is clearly understood. We've supported equalization and never complained, but we want our constitutional rights respected, and we want fairness." 

B.C. premier-in-waiting Gordon Campbell takes a harder line. "The B.C. Liberal Party has a responsibility to the people of B.C. to speak up for our province and say what's best for it," he says. "Shipping billions to federal coffers and getting $13.4 million back--that's not the way confederation should work." He argues that B.C. and Alberta should "speak with a strong and united western voice" and advises the Atlantic provinces to "reflect on the successes they've seen in Alberta." 

Alliance MP Rob Anders contends it is insane for Mr. Chretien to facilitate Albertans learning how much they give to Ottawa--and not just in equalization: "We're no drug addicts. If what we were getting before was called love, and whatever we are going to get afterwards is going to be called tough, I think Chretien may be sowing the seeds of western separation." 

Edmontonian Matthew Johnston, president of Teaching Liberty, Inc., says, "Tough love? I think it's great; I think it will help push Alberta out of confederation. The only way we're going to scale back the size and scope of government is by being an independent nation. I think the political culture of Alberta is conducive to a vision of limited government and individual freedom not shared by the rest of the country." Mr. Johnston adds, "I don't want to leave the impression that I oppose or support the existing political efforts to secede. My goal is to work with others to build an intellectual movement." 

Vancouver Sun columnist Barbara Jaffe is worried by such talk. She concluded in a January 5 column, "As someone who grew up with the separatist movement and ultimately left Quebec in large measure because of it, I can only warn in the strongest terms possible against a similar strategy for the West." But then, she's from somewhere else. 


Never has there been a time when Western separatism was more necessary. Yet there has never been a time when the Federal government has been more successful than now at convincing Westerners than it was not. The necessity arises out of the conflicting economy between the West and Ontario. Ontario, where all the manufacturing of Canada has been traditionally subsidized to keep the Liberals in power, faces deep layoffs. They are so dependent on both Federal subsidies of one kind or another and the American market, that they were doomed with America’s decline. The West, on the other hand, is a resource-based economy, and its commodities are now in intense worldwide demand. From oil to water, to wheat, to wood fibre and all the minerals, the West has an abundant surplus. Uranium, the source of clean energy, is a new market demand. Saskatchewan and Alberta are booming. The need to equalize the Western surplus with the Ontario deficit has never been greater, what with oil approaching $1.50 per barrel.

Then we look at the political reality, and we are astonished. The so-called Conservatives having reneged on their electoral promises—from scrapping the gun registry to a Triple E Senate—have all but capitulated to Ontario and Quebec. Just like the Liberals, but unlike the Liberals they are not faced with a revolt in the West. They are perceived as a Western Canadian party with a Western leader. After Maxime Bernier misplaced his documents, no Westerner could take his place. It was another Quebecker as a matter of necessity. Mr. Harper must consistently cater to Quebec and Ontario. So equalization in the West pays, and the East benefits. The Conservatives have even enhanced equalization. In short, everything necessary to win Quebec and Ontario can be done and must be done. The West simply says nothing. Were all the concessions made by a Liberal from Quebec or Ontario, the West would be alive with outrage.

Maybe the Federalists would be more effective with a Western leader who acted as the West’s false friend. Someone you trust, who speaks your language, knows your heart and pretends to assist you. Stephen Harper is that false friend.

False friends can also readily confuse allegiances and loyalties. This is the evident state of our own Western political scene. The Green Party, which claims to love the earth (maybe more than people), is gaining strength. The basic reason is the absence of real clarity on the issues brought about by the false labelling of political parties. The Conservatives aren’t conservative; the Liberals aren’t liberal; the Greens aren’t green; and the NDP are against them all. It appears confusion reigns over all.

The sea change will happen when Mr. Obama is elected President of the United States. Then we will see the American Empire in full retreat and the collapse of American hegemony around the world. Ontario’s situation will go from serious to critical and demands for money and assistance in a multicultural chaos will emerge from Toronto and with the right “Conservative” leader the West will pay again for national unity.

At times like these it is the media that makes the difference. The media generally follows the trend of popular opinion, particularly when the popular will is moved by a groundswell of support. It is clear that the Establishment did not favour Mr. Obama. The Canadian Establishment to which Mr. Harper must bow demands aid for Ontario and Quebec.

My conclusion of this analysis is as follows:

1. Just as Mr. Obama defied the expectations of the Establishment, Mr. Harper will fail by satisfying the expectations of the Establishment.

2. The success of the Federal Conservatives has demonstrated both Canada’s failure as a cohesive nation as well as the futility of Federalist politics to achieve the old Reform Party goal of “The West Wants In.”

3. We can see how Ottawa has corrupted the Conservative Party by its constant need to compromise.

4. Separation is the only way to overcome the corruption of Ottawa.

5. The Western Block Party has the capability to solve all these problems by bringing Western Canadians together in one movement to create the awareness of the need for a new nation and the rational climate to create it.

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