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Western Canada Concept founder and Leader Douglas Christie has advocated Western Canadian independence since 1974, when he founded the Committee for Western Independence. Since then the Victoria lawyer has consistently, rationally and persistently promoted the concept of a new nation of Western Canada. He has spoken throughout Western Canada, many times touring the West's smallest towns and largest cities. He has given the reasons for independence to service clubs, professional organizations, schools and universities, conferences and groups of private individuals in hundreds of meetings over the past decades. He has appeared on all the major talk shows on radio and television in the West, and has tested and defended his vision of Western Canada, as it could be, against critics of every political persuasion, and gained friends for the idea throughout the world.

As a lawyer, he has defended the often controversial right to freedom of speech and expression in cases that have taken him to the Supreme Court of Canada many times. He is a staunch defender of individual liberty.

His advocacy of Western independence began with a letter to the editor of the Victoria Colonist in 1974. Since then he has participated in the Committee for Western Independence, founded the Western Canada Concept throughout Western Canada in provinces and federally, and continued to promulgate the principle that Western Canadians should have a right to choose Canada, or a new nation of Western Canada.

Although never elected to office, he has been responsible for the proliferation of ideas in the West as has no other political figure. He pioneered advocacy of an elected senate for the West, which led to widespread adoption of the idea of a Triple E Senate for Canada among Western Canadians; he was first to identify that Western Canadian politicians start up being our representatives to parliament and end up being Ottawa's representatives to the West. Years of repeating the same arguments for Western independence in countless forums and mediums have left their mark on the psyche of the West.

At present, he speaks widely throughout Western Canada, as well as carrying the message of the necessity for individual liberty to audiences throughout the world.

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If you are interested in having Doug Christie speak, write to him by email or by fax: 250-479-3294, or write to the WCC at 810 Courtney Street, Victoria, BC, V8W 1C4. Or call him at 250-385-1022. 

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